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Asin Tibuok

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Company Name: Tan Inong Manufacturing Corporation

Main Product: Asin Tibook

Address: Purok 4, East Poblacion, Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines

Company Overview:

Tan Inong Manufacturing is a family-owned company dedicated to preserving the traditional art of salt making. Located in the picturesque town of Alburquerque, in Purok 5 of East Poblacion, the company is deeply rooted in the local culture and heritage.

Asin Tibook:

The pride and centerpiece of Tan Inong Manufacturing is their flagship product, "Asin Tibook." Asin Tibook represents the essence of centuries-old salt-making traditions passed down through generations. The name "Asin Tibook" reflects the rich Filipino heritage associated with salt production.

Tan Inong Manufacturing is committed to preserving these time-honored techniques while producing high-quality salt for local and regional markets. Asin Tibook serves not only as a premium culinary ingredient but also as a symbol of cultural heritage and sustainable craftsmanship.

With its domicile address in the heart of Alburquerque, Tan Inong Manufacturing welcomes visitors to experience the magic of traditional salt making and learn about the cultural significance of Asin Tibook. The company's mission is to continue sharing this culinary treasure with the world while supporting the local community and its traditions.

Our Story

Asin Tibook is a salt from Albuquerque, Bohol, Philippines on the brink of extinction. It is made using a labor-intensive, pre-Hispanic method of production that coincided with the rice harvest. Traditionally, once the salt pots were made, salt-makers would barter them for kilos of rice grains.

The process starts with hundreds of coconut husks soaked for three months in saltwater pools by the mangrove. These husks are then harvested, sliced lengthwise into small pieces, sun-dried for a day or two and then burnt in a highly controlled manner by regularly pouring sea water into the burning heap for three days leaving highly concentrated salty ashes. The ashes are placed in large filters. Seawater is poured through the ashes, leaching the salt to make a very highly concentrated brine.

Specially made clay pots are placed over a wood fire. The concentrated brine is poured continuously for eight hours into the bubbling pots leaving salt sediments as the boiling brine evaporates. The salt-maker keeps a close eye on evaporation, as the pots will crack if not filled. The result is a smoky orb that weighs roughly a kilo.

The asin tibook may be cracked and grated (traditionally, pieces were dipped into soup or rice pouridge and rinsed before storing).

Enjoy the slightly sweet and smoky taste.

Tan Inong Manufacturing is committed to preserving time-honored techniques while producing high-quality salt for local and international markets.

Asin Tibook


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This dual commitment to individual uniqueness and family bonds can create a rich and supportive environment for preserving and passing down the valuable traditions and knowledge associated with salt-making. It's evident that our team understands the significance of cultural heritage and is dedicated to its continuation, ensuring that future generations can benefit from this unique aspect of Alburquerque's history and heritage.


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Our Company profile

"As we grow as a family-bonded company, many claim that they are the original, and we are not. However, documents will tell the truth that we are serious about preserving the legacy of our forefathers."

Our family attempts to revive, invigorate, and sustain the otherwise dying industry by using pieces of machinery and applying modern technology whenever possible at the same time retaining traditional basic techniques of production.

" Being the "original" salt maker is not always the most important goal. What matters is the passion and commitment to maintaining our traditions and passing them down through generations. Our dedication to the craft and the preservation of our unique heritage is a valuable contribution in itself."

"Our family corporation is registered with both the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Beauru of Internal Revenue (BIR) for tax purposes, and we have addressed all legal matters, including obtaining the necessary business licenses to operate and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approval.