Delivery Schedule:

  1. Order Cut-off Time: You have until every Wednesday at 11:59 PM (midnight) to place your orders. Orders submitted after this deadline will be scheduled for the following week.

  2. Shipping Day: Orders that are placed and confirmed by the Wednesday cut-off time will be shipped out every Saturday. This means that if you order within the specified timeframe, your items will be prepared for shipping on the coming Saturday.

  3. Order Confirmation on Thursday: If your order is confirmed on a Thursday, it will be processed as part of the shipping batch for the upcoming Saturday. This means that even if your order confirmation falls on a Thursday, it won't be delayed until the following week; it will still be included in the shipment scheduled for the next Saturday.

  4. In summary, we accept orders until Wednesday night, ship them out on Saturday if they meet the cut-off time, and orders confirmed on Thursday will be included in the next Saturday shipment. This ensures timely delivery for all eligible orders.

  5. Courier. We have two recommended couriers for our delivery. If you prefer LBC Express, your delivery is expected to arrive within 3 to 7 days. If you prefer Fast Cargo Logistics, it may take up to 1 week or more for delivery within the Philippines only. 

  6. Optional. During checkout, you may specify your preferred courier. Note that by default we use Fast Cargo for orders of more than 10 pieces. 

  7. Pick-up. For pick-up, the option is only available at Purok 4, East Poblacion Alburquerque, Bohol, Philippines, or you may call +63 907 168 0961 Veronica for more pick-up details. 

Accepting Orders

  • Due to the high demand and adverse weather conditions affecting our production capacity, we are unable to meet the current volume. As a result, we are currently only accepting orders within the Philippines.

  • If you are a buyer located in the United States, you have the option to reach out to our exclusive distributor who operates within the United States. Our distributor is available to provide you with any necessary assistance, such as product information, pricing details, order processing, and any other inquiries you may have regarding our products or services. They are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and convenient experience for our customers in the USA. Please contact our partner, Lennie Buenaflor DiCarlo, who is based in the US, through their website at and their Facebook page.

  • In the coming months, we are taking deliberate steps to extend our market reach by entering the European market and expanding our footprint across the entire Asian region. This well-thought-out strategic initiative is a pivotal part of our growth strategy. By doing so, we aim to cater to a more diverse and extensive customer base.

    Our expansion into Europe and Asia signifies our commitment to global outreach and reflects the increasing demand for our offerings in these important markets. It's not only about geographical expansion but also about forging deeper connections with customers, understanding local preferences, and tailoring our approach to meet the unique requirements of each region. This move is an exciting opportunity for us to strengthen our brand presence, build lasting relationships, and contribute to the growth and success of these vital markets. We're excited about this journey and the potential it holds for both our company and our valued customers.

Happy Customers

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I love the cultural heritage and sustainable craftsmanship behind Asin Tibook. It's more than just a culinary ingredient.